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The line Nardi CNG, Atex approved, is able to compress Natural Gas (CNG), or Biogas Biomethane, vacuuming, low pressure line directly from the domestic or industrial use, and then store it in a special tank or to directly recharge the car with the hose, thanks to a sophisticated system of valves, which makes the compressor safe and reliable. We can load up to eight vehicles simultaneously. The convenience of having a charging station at home or in the company, which charges the vehicle at night, saving time and money, and respecting the environment.


  • Atex approval;
  • with every mechanical and electronic security; control software designed to work safely;
  • electronic controls and alarms that indicate any breakages also external to the compressor (in case of breakage of the hose during charging);
  • discharge of the impurities through the rear vent valve, with recovery of the gas during discharge.