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Small, compact, powerful and reliable, ready to use at any time and quick to prepare. The models Hookah Nardi compressors produce compressed air up to 8 bar, which is reduced to the desired pressure to then be filtered through filter sieve and activated carbon and finally ready to be breathed through the dispenser supplied and the connection pipe between the compressor and dispenser.


  • Compression System piston without lubrication, compresses the surrounding air that thanks to the oilless system does not need to be treated from the oil, but only esiccata through the molecular sieve filter which retains moisture.
  • Available engines 110-230V 50 / 60Hz, and also engines VDC 12 / 24V, to be fed by the battery in the car or boat, if you were in the midst of the sea; also available with an internal combustion engine Robin-Subaru.
  • Tanks. The pumping units are of excellent workmanship, materials and processes of choice, make these models a line indestructible

Esprit 3T Narghilè